Jan 20, 2010

Blackbeard, Francis

Last Name:  Blackbeard
First Name:  Francis
Date of Birth:   1792
Place of Birth:  England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:  Elizabeth Toynbee, born 1792 England, died 6 May 1855 Grahamstown.
Marriage Date:  20 Oct 1816
Marriage Place:  St. Pancras, London, England
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

Notes:  Rowles party of 1820 settlers.  IGI. DN 459/1850, 5026/1858, 4033/1882.  Children:

George Francis born 1817 Islington, London, married Susanna, died 19 May 1882 Grahamstown (q.v.)
Robert born 1818 England, dead by 1858
Charles (q.v.) born Aug 1821 Kaffir Drift Post, Albany, Cape,married Catherine Dudley, died 26 Oct 1850
William Frederick, born Cape
Cordelia born Cape, married James Long
Elizabeth, born Cape.

Jan 18, 2010

Bisset, Alexander

Last Name:   Bisset
First Name:  Alexander
Date of Birth:   1784
Place of Birth:  Croydon, Surrey, England
Parents – Father:�
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:  Alicia Tyndal Smith dau. of Admiral E. T. Smith, d. 21 Sep 1858 age 69y 7m Grahamstown.
Marriage Date:  abt 1813
Marriage Place:  Jersey, Channel Islands
Date of Death:  12 Jul 1848
Place of Death:  Fairfax, Cape

Notes:  Willson’s party of 1820 settlers.  He joined the Royal Navy in 1796 and was a Commander.  DN 9658/1848, 5498/1858, 7451/1879.  Children: 

Sarah Maria chr. 31 Oct 1813 Croydon, Surrey married 1832 Cape to Philip W. Lucas, and died 4 Nov 1879 Gletwyn, Albany (q.v.)
Alexander Charles born 1816 England, married 6 Mar 1839 Zoar Chapel Reed Fountain, Cape, to Sarah Jane Lamont
John Jarvis born 1818 England married 1) abt 1845 Cape to Charlotte Morgan dau. Dr. A. B. Morgan, 58th Regt. (4 sons 4 dau.) m. 2) 1888 at Reigate to Frances Bridge.
George born abt 1820 Cape, married about 1843 Cape to Miss Behreus, and had a large family.
Charles Roger Walter born 1822 Cape, unmarried.
Harriet Harrison chr. 1 Jan 1822 Bathurst, Cape, married 1) 1842 Cape to Capt. Fred Alcock (3 children) 2) J. Jameson, a merchant of Australia.
Alicia Honor born about 1826 Cape married about 1846 Cape to F. J. Mills, large family; one son, William Mills, emigrated to America.

Jan 18, 2010

Birt, Samuel

Last Name:   Birt
First Name:  Samuel
Date of Birth:  1791
Place of Birth:  Stroud, Gloucs., England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  16 Feb 1862 age about 71
Place of Death: Kingwilliamstown, Cape.

Notes:  Bradshaw’s party of 1820 settlers.  Samuel was a millwright.  DN 9781/1862 and 9947/1862.  Children. all majors: 

Harriet born South Africa married Mr. Woods
Matilda Hiles married Mr. Pritchard
Ann married Mr. Brooks

Jan 18, 2010

Bilson, Thomas

Last Name:   Bilson
First Name:   Thomas
Date of Birth:  chr. 7 Apr 1794
Place of Birth:  St. Margarets Leicester, Leics., England
Parents – Father:  William Bilson
Parents – Mother:  Martha
Name of Spouse:  Jane Curtis born 1792 England, died 1 Oct 1864 age 71 Port Elizabeth, Cape; she md. 2) Charles Wood.�
Marriage Date:�
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  7 Mar 1835
Place of Death:  Trumpeters Drift, South Africa

Notes:  Calton’s party of 1820 settlers.  DN 1367/1864, 518/1863.  Children: 

Eliza b 1814 Nottingham, England, married 1) John Holtz 2) Thomas Stones,  died 29 May 1863 Humansdorp, Cape (q.v.)
Thomas 1815 England
John 1819 England, killed in the 6th Frontier War
Robert 1822 South Africa
William 1824
Maria Jane 1826 m. Lutman
Jane 1828.

Jan 18, 2010

Biles, John

Last Name:   Biles
First Name:  John
Date of Birth:  1787
Place of Birth:  England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Spouse:    Charlotte Foster born 1789 England
Marriage Date:    11 Feb 1816
Marriage Place:  St. Giles Camberwell, Surrey, England
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

Notes:  Scott’s party of 1820 settlers.  Colonial Office papers CO48, he writes from East Street, Walworth, Surrey.  He had a daughter Charlotte chr. 4 Nov 1818 at St. Mary Newington, Surrey, England.

Jan 18, 2010

Biggs, John

Last Name:   Biggs
First Name:   John
Date of Birth:  1777
Place of Birth:   of Bristol, England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Spouse:   1) Mary Ellis 2) Frances age 73 in 1839 and bedridden.
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   27 Sep 1833
Place of Death:  Toll Bar, Grahamstown, Cape.

Notes:  Southey’s party of 1820 settlers.  DN 3294/1838, 8153/1860. John Biggs was a stonemason, and had two sons:

John T. Biggs born 1800 (q.v.)
William Biggs, born 1808 Bristol, England, died 24 Aug 1860 (q.v.)

Jan 18, 2010

Biggar, Alexander Harvey

Last Name:  Biggar
First Name:  Alexander Harvey
Date of Birth:  29 Oct 1781
Place of Birth:  Kinsale, Cork, Ireland
Parents – Father:   Robert Biggar
Parents – Mother:  Miss Harold
Spouse:  Mary Straton born 1781 Scotland, died 8 Feb 1855 Grahamstown, Cape.�
Marriage Date:   3 Mar 1799
Marriage Place:  Brechin, Angus, Scotland
Date of Death:  27 Dec 1838
Place of Death:  Zoola country, South Africa

Notes:  Captain Alexander Biggar led the Biggar’s party of 1820 settlers.  Prior to emigration he was paymaster to the 85th Regiment in Plymouth, Devon, England.  DN 2987/1855; 1169/1890, 9080/1847, 2586/1896.  Children: 

Margaret Graham born 1800 (q.v.) died 31 May 1890 Grahamstown
Ann Harold chr. 1 Sep 1801 Abbey, Renfrew, Scotland, married 8 Sep 1824 Woodlands, Cape to Robert Newton Dunn, and died 1851
Mary born 1804 married 21 May 1828 Woodlands, Cape to John de Villiers
Jean Straton born 1806 married 10 Aug 1824 Woodlands, Cape, to Johannes de Smidt (six daughters and a son)
Georgina born 1807 England married 1827 Charles Maynard, and died 22 Jul 1847 Grahamstown. (q.v.) (six daughters and two sons)
Agnes Elizabeth born 1809 married 17 Feb 1825 Grahamstown to John Willis (three daughters and three sons) settled in Tasmania.
Charlotte chr. 4 Aug 1810 Edinburgh, Scotland, married 1845 Cradock, Cape to Robert Black (two daughters and three sons)
Robert chr. 27 Sep 1812 Edinburgh, Scotland, died 17 Apr 1838 Tugela, Natal (never married) killed by Zulus.
Alexina Isabella born 1816 married 1846 Port Elizabeth to Richard John Eaton and died 20 Nov 1896 (three daughters and three sons)
Helen born 1818 married 1845 Port Elizabeth to Nicholas P. Krohn (three daughters and four sons) and died 1900.
George born 1820 at sea, died 17 Feb 1838 (killed by Zulus)
Harriet Willis born 1822 at Woodlands, Cape, married Thomas Strickland in 1854 in Grahamstown. They had two daughters and two sons.
Harriet Willis born 1822 Woodlands, Cape married 1854 Grahamstown to Thomas Strickland.

Jan 18, 2010

Biddulph, Simon

Last Name:  Biddulph
First Name:  Simon
Date of Birth:  chr. 17 May 1761
Place of Birth:  Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs., England
Parents – Father:   Walter Biddulph
Parents – Mother:  Mary Adcock
Name of Spouse:   Ann Burnet born 1772 England to Capt. Thomas Burnet, she died 10 Feb 1844 Bathurst, Cape.
Marriage Date:  11 Jul 1785
Marriage Place:  Halesowen, Worcs., England
Date of Death:   5 Jan 1842
Place of Death:  Bathurst, Cape, South Africa

Notes:  Bailie’s party of 1820 settlers.  DN 5343/1842, 2118/1830, 6308/1870. IGI.   He had the following children: 

Anna Maria chr. 28 Mar 1787 Halesowen, Worcs.
Charlotte chr. 24 Mar 1790 Halesowen
Edward Biddulph chr. 24 Mar 1790 Halesowen
Gilbert Burnett chr. 24 Mar 1790 Halesowen
Louisa chr. 5 Jun 1792 Halesowen (q.v.)
Mary Burnett chr. 23 Apr 1794
George chr. 20 Sep 1795 Halesowen
John Burnet chr. 16 Oct 1796 Tamworth, Staffs., (q.v.) married about 1822 Wilhelmina Theodora Elizabeth Walstrand, and died 3 Mar 1837 Graaff Reinet, Cape
James Henry chr. 15 Jun 1801 Tamworth, Staffs.,  (q.v.)
Thomas Jervis chr. 15 Jun 1801 Tamworth, Staffs.
Margaret Jane chr. 2 Sep 1803 Tamworth, Staffs.
Frances Maria chr. 18 May 1808 Tamworth, Staffs
William Burnet chr. 18 May 1808 Tamworth, Staffs., married 19 Sep 1837 George, Cape to Sophia Smith, and died 15 May 1870 George, Cape (q.v.)

Jan 18, 2010

Besant, Charles

Last Name:  Besant
First Name:  Charles
Date of Birth:  chr. 14 Mar 1784
Place of Birth:  Winterborne-Whitchurch, Dorset, England
Parents – Father:  James Besant
Parents – Mother:  Sarah
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  6 Jul 1838
Place of Death:  bur. at Fort Peddie, Cape

Notes:  Bowker’s party of 1820 settlers.  He was murdered 8 miles from Pato’s place on 6 Jul 1838.

Jan 18, 2010

Berry, Thomas

Last Name:  Berry
First Name:  Thomas
Date of Birth:  1798
Place of Birth:  England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Sara Elizabeth Stoeder, chr. 6.1.1803 Swellendam, Cape
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  2 Feb 1878
Place of Death:

Notes:  Southey’s party of 1820 settlers.  DN 5007/1878.  Will MOOC 7/1/378 1866 Sarah Stoeder Berry.  Children born in South Africa: 

Thomas Peter
Louisa Selina md. 1) 21 May 1856 William Ablort Morgan at Commemoration Church Grahamstown; she md.2) Charles Webster after 1867.
Sarah Elizabeth (married Mr. Lundgren).

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