Aug 1, 2010

Taylor, John

Last Name:               Taylor
First Name:              John
Date of Birth:           chr. 21 Apr 1786
Place of Birth:         Lockerley, Hampshire, England
Parents – Father:   John Taylor
Parents – Mother: Mary
Spouse:                      married but name of spouse not given
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          27 Mar 1834 age 48 years 7 days
Place of Death:        Swellendam, Cape

 Notes:   DN 67/1834.  IGI.  No children.

Aug 1, 2010

Crowcher, Rachel Elisabeth

 Last Name:             Crowcher
First Name:             Rachel Elisabeth
Date of Birth:          14 Dec 1809
Place of Birth:        Cape Town, Cape
Parents – Father:   ?Thomas Crowcher
Parents – Mother:  Elisabeth Charlotte
Spouse:                      unmarried
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          18 Apr 1834
Place of Death:        Cape Town

 Notes:   DN 53/1834.   She had one illegitimate child:

Thomas Crowcher.


Aug 1, 2010

Donald, George

Last Name:                 Donald
First Name:                George
Date of Birth:             chr. 11 Apr 1790
Place of Birth:           United Presbyterian Cheviot Street, Wooler, Northumberland, England
Parents – Father:     Robert Donald
Parents – Mother:    Isabella
Spouse:                        Mary Robertson of Wooler
Marriage Date:          5 Dec 1814
Marriage Place:        Wooler, Northumberland
Date of Death:          5 Apr 1834 age 44
Place of Death:        Cape Town, Cape

 Notes:   DN 1834/40.  IGI.  “British Residents at the Cape 1785-1819.” p. 100.  He arrived 1817 at the Cape indentured to Benjamin Moodie.  Children:

Robert Donald chr. 19 Apr 1815 United Presbyterian Cheviot Street, Wooler, Northumberland.

Isabella Donald, chr. 7 Jul 1816 United Presbyterian Cheviot Street, Wooler, Northumberland.

Aug 1, 2010

Wrankmore, Richard

Last Name:               Wrankmore
First Name:              Richard
Date of Birth:           1766
Place of Birth:         Exeter, Devon, England
Parents – Father:   Richard Wrankmore
Parents – Mother:  Sarah
Spouse:                      1) Patience Passmore   2) A.C.
Marriage Date:        20 Mar 1785
Marriage Place:      St. Martin Exeter, Devon, England
Date of Death:         3 Apr 1734 age 67
Place of Death:       Cape Town, Cape

 Notes:   DN 31/1834.  IGI.  Children, all minors in 1834








Aug 1, 2010

Venables, William Ferrer

Last Name:               Venables
First Name:              William Ferrer
Date of Birth:           chr. 10 Nov 1776
Place of Birth:         St. Andrew Holborn, London, England
Parents – Father:   John Venables
Parents – Mother:  Mary
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:           10 Mar 1834 age 57
Place of Death:          Hole Mill, Cape

 Notes:  DN 8/1834.  IGI.  Children:

Martha Maria, over 21 in 1834

Marianne Eliza, over 21 in 1834

Georgiana, over 21 in 1834.

Aug 1, 2010

Taytame (or Tatum), Joseph

Last Name:                 Taytame, or Tatum
First Name:                Joseph Conway
Date of Birth:             10 Jan 1789
Place of Birth:           London, England
Parents – Father:     Joseph Tatum
Parents – Mother:   Mary
Spouse:                        deceased by 1834
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          9 Mar 1834 age 45
Place of Death:        Somerset Hospital, Cape

 Notes:   DN 1834/5.  IGI.  Children:

Hester Tatum, minor in 1834

Joseph Tatum, minor in 1834

Gabriel Tatum, minor in 1834

Phineas Tatum, minor in 1834

Anne Tatum, minor in 1834

Georgina Tatum, minor in 1834.


Aug 1, 2010

Crowcher, Thomas

Last Name:              Crowcher
First Name:             Thomas
Date of Birth:          chr. 13 May 1759
Place of Birth:        Wonersh, Surrey, England
Parents – Father:  William Crowcher or Croucher
Parents – Mother: Ann
Spouse:                     Mary d. bef 1834 (she may have been Mary White, marr. to a Thomas Croucher 25 Jun 1781 Alford, Surrey)
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:        4 Mar 1834 age 75
Place of Death:      Table Valley, Cape

 Notes:  DN 1834/2.  IGI.  Children:

Edmund Crowcher chr. 29 Jul 1781 Wonersh, Surrey, deceased in England, left 3 children: Elizabeth married to James Halker; Charlotte married to Thos. Boyling, and Thomas a minor.

Elizabeth Crowcher b. about 1785 in England.

Thomas Crowcher chr. 8 Jan 1786 Esher, Surrey, was in England in 1834.

William Crowcher chr. 2 Dec 1787 Esher, Surrey, deceased in England, had two children, Mary and William Henry both minors in 1834.

Henry Crowcher chr. 24 Nov 1793 Esher, Surrey, was in South Africa in 1834.


Aug 1, 2010

Abercrombie, James

Last Name:                Abercrombie
First Name:               James
Date of Birth:            possibly chr. 08 Jan 1795
Place of Birth:           possibly at Saint Ninians, Stirling, Scotland
Parents – Father:     possibly James Abercrombie
Parents – Mother:   possibly Janet Gershom
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

 Notes:  Moodie’s party of 1817 settlers on the s.s. “Clyde.”  He was a surgeon, and possibly was the father of:

James Abercrombie b. 1833 Cape Town.


Jul 31, 2010

Ebden, John Bardwell

Last Name:               Ebden
First Name:              John Bardwell
Date of Birth:           Apr 1787
Place of Birth:         Suffolk, England
Parents – Father:   John Ebden (Army surgeon)
Parents – Mother: Sarah Norman, dau. of John Norman of St. Croft, Suffolk
Spouse:                     Antoinetta Adriana Kirchmann (from Germany)
Marriage Date:       9 Oct 1808
Marriage Place:     Cape Town (Lutheran Church)
Date of Death:         22 Sep 1873
Place of Death:       Cape

 Notes:  John Bardwell Ebden went to sea in HEICS “Armiston” to China, then in 1806 settled at Cape Town as a merchant.   “British Residents at the Cape 1785-1819,” pp. 112-13. Children:

John Watts Ebden chr. 29 Jul 1810, d. 1886;  a judge, unmarried.

Charles Hotson Ebden born 26 Sep 1811 chr.  3 Nov 1811, d. 1867;  m. Tarmar Harding, 2 sons William and Charles.

William Baynes born 27 Oct 1814 chr. 1 Dec 1814, died 10 Sep 1815.

Antoinetta Mary Ann born 15 May 1816, chr. 28 Jun 1816, died 4 Feb 1817.

George Norman chr. 17 Jan 1818;  m. 1) Christine Becker 2) Josephine Cloete, no children.

Anna Louisa chr. 17 Jan 1818

Alfred Ebden b. 8 Feb 1820 Russell Square, London, d. 29 Jul 1908.  He marr. Decima Grimley, and had 3 sons: John Bardwell (1847); Alfred (1859); Harry R.O. (1861-1890).

Jul 31, 2010

Duthie, Thomas Henry

Last Name:                Duthie
First Name:               Thomas Henry
Date of Birth:            1806
Place of Birth:          Stirling, Scotland
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Spouse:                     Caroline, dau. of George Rex
Marriage Date:       12 Feb 1833
Marriage Place:     Military Chapel, Cape Town
Date of Death:        1855
Place of Death:      Buried in Belvedere, Cape

 Notes:  Thomas Henry Duthie was a Captain in the 72nd Highlander Regiment and came to theCape in 1826.  He built Holy Trinity Church in Belvedere.  Children by Caroline Rex:

Caroline Duthie

George Rex. Duthie

Archibald Hamilton Duthie (3 sons)

Thomas Henry Duthie

Annie Buchanan Duthie

Frederick Angus Duthie

John James Duthie, had 4 sons:  Walter, George, Douglas, and Raymond.

Maria Louisa Duthie

Elizabeth Mary Duthie (Bessie) m. Miles Bowker son of Miles Bowker 1820 settler (q.v.)

Margaret Duthie

Jane Duthie m. Bourchier Bowker son of Miles Bowker 1820 settler (q.v.)

Amy Georgina Duthie

By a 2nd marriage Thomas Henry  had 4 sons:

Archibald, Robert, Colin and Henry.


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