Jul 29, 2010

Bain, Andrew Geddes

Last Name:                  Bain
First Name:               Andrew Geddes
Date of Birth:            1797
Place of Birth:           Thurso, Caithness, Scotland
Parents – Father:    Alexander Bain
Parents – Mother:   Jean Geddes
Spouse:                      Maria Elizabeth von Backstrom
Marriage Date:        16 Nov 1818
Marriage Place:      Cape Town, Cape
Date of Death:         20 Oct 1864 age 57
Place of Death:       Cape Town, Cape

Notes:  DN 1441/1864.  Sailed to the Cape in 1816  on the “Princess Charlotte” with his maternal uncle Col. William Geddes. He was a trader, writer, explorer, warrior, geologist, and road engineer. Children:

Jane Geddes (1819-1899) b. Cape Town, d. unmarried at East London.
Johanna Elizabeth (1821-1882) b. Graaff-Reinet, marr. 1839 in Grahamstown to Frederick, son of George Rex of Knysna (6 children).
Henrietta Geddes (q.v.) (1823-42) b. Graaff-Reinet, marr. William Southey (q.v.), (2 children).
Alida Elizabeth b. 1824 at Graaff-Reinet, marr. Andries Hartzenberg, had children.
Wilhelmina Robertson b. 1826 at Graaff-Reinet, marr. at Botha’s Post to Robert Lavers (Ensign 91st Foot 1843, Lieut. CMR 1847) and d. at Reddersburg, O.F.S. (3 children).
Robert Alexander (1828-80) b. Graaff-Reinet, d. Narvegs Poort, O.F.S. marr. a Miss Meintjes at Graaff-Reinet (3 children).
Thomas Charles John (1930-03) b. Graaff-Reinet, marr. Johanna Hermina de Smidt and had 11 children.
Margaret Sophia b. 1832 Graaff-Reinet, d. East London unmarried.
Andretta Smith b . 1834 Graaff-Reinet, marr. William Nicol, farmer, and had several children, d. Highlands nr. Grahamstown.
Victoria Fredrica (1837-1923) b. at Fort Beaufort, marr. Dr. James Edward McCarthy, d. in London (4 children)
Andrew Geddes (1840-41) born and died in Grahamstown.

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