Sep 28, 2018

Wright, John Colin

Last Name:    Wright
First Name:     John Colin
Date of Birth:     1829
Place of Birth:    Beaufort West, Cape
Parents – Father:    James Wright
Parents – Mother:  Jennie Wright
Name of Spouse:  Hendrika Maria Margaretha Wright, born Minne

Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   9 June 1904 age 74 years 10 months
Place of Death:  Willowmore, Cape

Notes:  Cape DN 2004 image 588.  Children, all majors:

James Nehemia Wright

Anne Johanna Theron, born Wright, deceased

Johanna Jacomina Verwey, born Wright

Johannes Carl Wright

Hendrika Maria Margaretha Jonker, born Wright

Barend Matthys George Wright

Jacobus Johannes Wright

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