Sep 27, 2018

Berrier, Jane Anne

Last Name:      Berrier, born Cauffield
First Name:     Jane Anne
Date of Birth:     1859
Place of Birth:    County Leitrim, Ireland
Parents – Father:     Thomas Cauffield
Parents – Mother:   Jane Anne Cauffield
Name of Spouse:    John Francis Berrier
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:       28 May 1904 age 45 years 16 days
Place of Death:     Kimberley, Cape

Notes:  Cape DN 1956 image 538.  Children:

James William Berrier, major

Arthur Berrier, 20 years

Fredrick Berrier, 12 years

Cecil John Berrier, 7 years

Eveline Dorothy Berrier 5 years

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