Aug 9, 2018

Garland, Ernest Bartholomew

Last Name:       Garland
First Name:       Ernest Bartholomew
Date of Birth:     1840
Place of Birth:     Petworth, Sussex, England
Parents – Father:      Henry Garland
Parents – Mother:    Susan Garland
Name of Spouse:  widower of Elizabeth Garland, died July 1896
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    15 May 1903 age 63
Place of Death:   Ashville, Cape Town

Notes:  Cape DN 1633 image 206.   Children:

Florence Mary Garland,major

Laura Susan Rothkugel, deceased

Alfred Ernest Garland, major

Ella Francis Hartley, major

Bessie Garland, major

Mabel Garland, minor

Constance Evelyn Garland, minor

Nellie Victoria Rose Garland, minor

Children that died in infancy:

Arthur Garland

Annie Garland

Gertrude Garland

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