Jan 24, 2010

Croft, Charles Thomas

Last Name:  Croft
First Name:  Charles Thomas
Date of Birth:  chr. 24 Dec 1792
Place of Birth:  St. Marylebone Providence Chapel, Tichfield Street, London, England
Parents – Father:  Thomas Croft
Parents – Mother:  (Lady) Elizabeth Hamilton
Spouse:  1) Mary Deacon (drowned 1814 River Thames) 2) Elizabeth Seadon died on board ship 3) Mary Hancock (born 1788) she died 1863�
Marriage Date:  1) 24 Feb 1812 3) 4 Jan 1821
Marriage Place:  St. James Westminster, London
Date of Death:  3 Jun 1862
Place of Death:  Grahamstown, Cape

Notes:  Sephton’s party of 1820 settlers. Inventor of antidote for snakebite, known for many years as Crofts Tincture of Life.   Child by 2nd wife: 

Clarissa Ann born 1817 married Henry Hill.   

Children by 3rd wife Mary Hancock:

Mary 1821 married 1) 1845 Frederick Short , married 2) George Wedderburn and also to Philip Amm according to DN 9626/1864
Charles Thomas born 9 Jul 1824 chr. 1 Aug 1824 Salem Methodist Church (q.v.)
Elizabeth born 1 Feb 1826 Salem, marr. 10 May 1853 Grahamstown to John Wedderburn
Celia marr. 1874 William Roberts.

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