Apr 19, 2018

Annandale, Eliza Margaret

Last Name:      Annandale, formerly Bowie, nee Ward
First Name:     Eliza Margaret
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:   De Hoop dist George, Cape
Parents – Father:  Charles Edward Ward, q.v.
Parents – Mother:  Mary Elizabeth Clark, widow of Ward
Name of Spouse:   1) John Bowie [B-487]  2) Alexander Bowie Annandale
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:        25 Jan 1894 age 39
Place of Death:      Ficksburg, OFS

Notes:  Orange Free State DN W-538 image 612.  Children:

by 1st marriage:

Alexander Peter Nicolas Bowie, 20 years

Charles Ward Bowie 18 years

Kathleen Mary Bowie 17 years

by 2nd marriage:

Robina Annandale

Maud Jessie Annandale

Joanna Gladice Annandale

Jane Beatrice Annandale

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