Dec 6, 2017

Whiteford, Baldwin Keyaerts

Last Name:    Whiteford
First Name:    Baldwin Keyaerts
Date of Birth:     1842
Place of Birth:   Plymouth, England
Parents – Father:   Charles Coble Whiteford, dead
Parents – Mother:   Eliza Hamilton, dead
Name of Spouse:   Mary Ann Agnes Niland
Marriage Date:     10 Sep 1868
Marriage Place:    Fort St. George, Cape
Date of Death:    30 Aug 1893 age 51
Place of Death:   Folkestone, Kent, England

Notes:   Natal DN F#4049908 image 785.  Formerly Capiton in HM 20th Regiment of Infantry.  Had a brother Hamilton Whiteford of Plymouth, Devon. Children:

Violet Mary Hamilton Whiteford b 3 July 1869

Howard Claude Hamilton Whiteford b. 11 Dec 1870

Thomas Hamilton Whiteford b. 21 Sep 1872

Kathleen Hamilton Whiteford b. 19 Feb 1874

Quentin Hamilton Whiteford b. 21 May 1875

George Charles Hamilton Whiteford b. 2 Aug 1876

Edith Maria Hamilton Whiteford b. 22 Apr 1885

Baldwin Edward Hamilton Whiteford b. 30 Jan 1891

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