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Aug 24, 2012

Cramer, James or Wilkinson, Georgina Sarah Kirton


Last Name:               Cramer, James (nee Wilkinson)
First Name:              Georgina Sarah Kirton
Date of Birth:           1865
Place of Birth:          Korverhoek, dist. Caledon
Parents – Father:    Joseph Joshua Wilkinson
Parents – Mother:  Magdalena van As
Name of Spouse:   1) div. from 1st husband, James, abt 8 years ago  2) Louis Cramer
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          6 Oct 1900 age 35y 8m 22d
Place of Death:        Cape

Notes:   DN 3665/’1900.  No children by present husband (he had 4 children by his former wife).  She had several children by her first husband, all of whom died in infancy except for:

John Joseph James, b. 13 Oct 1882

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