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Mar 28, 2012

Altree, Newberry, or Clarke, Sophia


Last Name:    Altree, Newberry  (nee Clarke)
First Name:    Sophia
Date of Birth:   1833
Place of Birth:   Co. Galway, Ireland
Parents – Father:    Armstrong Clarke
Parents – Mother:   Mary Ann
Name of Spouse:  1) Newberry   2) widow of Bejmain Smith Altree 
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   11 Oct 1897 age 64
Place of Death:  Cape Town

Notes:  DN 2672/1897.  Children: 

by 1st husband:

James Arthur Newberry

by 2nd husband:

Joseph Altree

Ann Altree

Matilda Jane m. to William John Morris

Benjamin Altree

Sophia m. to Henry John Traviss

Edward Southam Altree

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