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Jun 29, 2011

Bartlett, Wilmot or Hayward, Selina


Last Name:   Bartlett, Wilmot (nee Hayward)
First Name:   Selina
Date of Birth:  1808
Place of Birth:  Wiltshire, England
Parents – Father:   James Hayward (q.v.)
Parents – Mother: Bertha Grace
Name of Spouse:  1) William Bartlett d. 12 Apr 1849 2) George William Wilmot d. 6 Aug 1856 3) George Hodgkinson d. Feb 1875 4) William Hamilton Campbell (present)
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   19 Feb 1892 age 83
Place of Death:  Slanderwig.

Notes:   DN 932/1892.  Children:

by 1st husband William Bartlett:

Eliza m. to Hobbs


William Benjamin

Maria m. to Denton

Rachel m. to Hodgkinson

Louisa m. to Elliott


By 2nd husband, George Wilmot:

Rhoda Ann m. to Usher

Sarah Jane m. to Collett

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