Feb 16, 2010

Moodie, Benjamin

Last Name:               Moodie
First Name:              Benjamin
Date of Birth:           1 Jan 1789
Place of Birth:         Melsetter, Hoy Island, Orkney, Scotland
Parents – Father:   James Moodie
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth Dundar
Name of Spouse:   1) Margaret Malcolmsen chr. 7 Aug 1794 Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1838 2) Susan Barnett
Marriage Date:      1 ) abt 1817 2) Dec 1840
Marriage Place:     1) Scotland 2) Lewisham, England
Date of Death:        2 Apr 1856
Place of Death:       Swellendam, Cape

Notes:  DN 3769/1856. IGI. Notes from C. Lionel Bibb. Benjamin was a captain in the local militia (Scotland) and brought 200 indentured Scottish artisans to the Cape in three ships in 1817, most of whom obtained other employment soon after arrival. After the death of his wife, Margaret, he returned to Britain to promote emigration to the Cape, and married Susan Barnett, returning in 1841 with 21 orphan children who quickly found employment on and around Groot Vaders Bosch. He had 4 sons and 4 daughters by his first marriage, all minors in 1838 when his first wife died: 

James Moodie b. abt 1818 Cape, South Africa (a son of this James, named Thomas, was leader of the historical 1000 miles trek in 1892 from Bethlehem to Gazaland, Rhodesia.
Thomas Moodie b. abt 1822 Cape, succeeded as laird of Groot Vaders Bosch. 

Harriet or Henrietta, b. 1823 Groot Vaders Bosch, she married Rudolph Marshall, and d. 27 Sep 1875 age 52 Swellendam (no children)






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