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Feb 3, 2011

Armstrong or Futter, Sarah Jane

Last Name:   Armstrong (nee Futter)
First Name:   Sarah Jane
Date of Birth:   1813
Place of Birth:   London, England
Parents – Father:   George Futter (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:  Sarah
Name of Spouse:   Richard Robert Armstrong
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   28 Aug 1868 age 53
Place of Death:  Grahamstown, Cape  

Notes:   DN 5743/1869.  Children:

Sarah Ann, major

George William, major

James Fitzgerald, major

Robert JOhn, major

Elizabeth, major

Michel Robert Benjamin, manor

Thomas Quinton, major

Edward Richard, major

Mary Ann, major

Charles Octavius, minor

Julia Anne, minor



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