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Mar 10, 2011

Allwright or Turner, Mary Ann

Last Name:  Allwright (nee Turner)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:    1831
Place of Birth:   Wiltshire, England
Parents – Father:   Joseph Turner
Parents – Mother:  Mary Hayter
Name of Spouse:   Richard Allwright
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    23 Jul 1875 age 39y 4d
Place of Death:  Shepherds Rest.  

Notes:   DN 1928.1/2/1875.  Children, all minors:





Anne Maria


Emma Sophia

Elizabeth Esther

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Feb 28, 2012

Almond or Trotter, Margaret Annie


Last Name:   Almond (nee Trotter)
First Name:   Margaret Annie
Date of Birth:   1856
Place of Birth:   Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England
Parents – Father:    Joseph Lee Trotter
Parents – Mother:   Jane
Name of Spouse:   Michael Almond
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    14 Nov 1895 age 39y 7m
Place of Death:  Queenstown, Cape

Notes:   DN 2549/1895.  Children, all minors:



Margaret Annie



Michael Joseph Lee

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Apr 3, 2011

Arnot, Nelson or Turvey, Mary

Last Name:   Arnot or Nelson (nee Turvey)
First Name:   Mary
Date of Birth:   Feb 1808
Place of Birth:   Dublin, Ireland
Parents – Father:    Edward Ford Turvey (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:   Julia Bolton
Name of Spouse:    1) George Nelson 2) David Arnot
Marriage Date:   2) 13 Mar 1833
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   1 Jul 1879 age 71y 5m
Place of Death:   Colesberg, Cape  

Notes:   DN 7071/1879.  Children:

by 1st marriage to George Nelson:

Julia m. to James Rait

John Nelson

by 2nd marriage to David Arnot:

Henry Edward Arnot

George Albert Arnot

Edward Thomas Arnot

Eliza Sophia Arnot m. to Bradfield

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Aug 8, 2012

Atkinson or Taylor, Aletta Jemima


Last Name:    Atkinson (nee Taylor)
First Name:     Aletta Jemima
Date of Birth:    1850
Place of Birth:   Cape Town
Parents – Father:    Robert Taylor
Parents – Mother:   Wilhelmina
Name of Spouse:    John Atkinson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    17 May 1900 age 49y 10m
Place of Death:  Wynberg, Cape

Notes:   DN 2228/1900.  Children, majors:

Alfred Eckard Atkinson

John Eckard Atkinson

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Feb 9, 2011

Bain or Talbot, Maria

Last Name:   Bain (nee Talbot
First Name:   Maria
Date of Birth:   20 Aug 1814 chr. 4 Sep 1814
Place of Birth:   Whitechapel, London, England
Parents – Father:   John Stuart Talbot (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:  Priscilla Purcell
Name of Spouse:  1) Thomas Fancutt 2) Michael Bain (q.v.)
Marriage Date:   1) 2 Jun 1834
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    9 Mar 1871 age 57
Place of Death:  Buffels Thorns, Cape  

Notes:   DN 6933/1871.  IGI.  Children:

John Josias Bain 25

Michael Edward Bain 23

Walter Carden Bain 18

Alexander Bain 15


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Aug 15, 2011

Ball or Toomey, Ellen


Last Name:   Ball (nee Toomey)
First Name:    Ellen
Date of Birth:    1848 
Place of Birth:    Devon, England
Parents – Father:    E. Toomey
Parents – Mother:  A.
Name of Spouse:  S. J. Ball
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    22 Oct 1881 age 33y 6m
Place of Death:  Middleton.

Notes:   DN 2826/1881.  Children, minors:

Isabella Ann

John Edward

Ellen Louisa

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Nov 5, 2011

Ball or Turner, Hannah


Last Name:    Ball (nee Turner)
First Name:   Hannah
Date of Birth:  chr. 06 May 1819
Place of Birth:   Bakewell, Derby, England
Parents – Father:    George Turner
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   widow of William Ball
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    4 Mar 1891 age 71
Place of Death:  CapeTown.

Notes:   DN 377/1891.  IGI.  Children, allo majors:

Lydia Bennett

Anne Henderson



George Frederick

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Apr 3, 2011

Barry or Truste, Caroline

Last Name:   Barry (nee Truste)
First Name:    Caroline
Date of Birth:   1798
Place of Birth:   London, England
Parents – Father:   Charles Truste
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:   John Barry b. 1799 (q.v.)
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     16 Jul 1879 age 81
Place of Death:   Cape Town.   

Notes:   DN 7104/1879.  Surviving children, all majors:




Joseph Barry

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Jul 27, 2011

Birch or Taylor, Ann


Last Name:  Birch (nee Taylor)
First Name:   Ann
Date of Birth:    chr. 09 Nov 1828
Place of Birth:   Stoughton, Sussex, England
Parents – Father:    Thomas Taylor
Parents – Mother:   Sophia
Name of Spouse:  
Marriage Date:1) Daniel Birch 2) Thomas Kehne
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    Apr 1893 age 64
Place of Death:  Cape Town.

Notes:   DN 652/1893.  IGI.  One child:

Mary Williams nee Birch

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Jan 26, 2011

Birch or Thompson, Jane Ann

Last Name:   Birch (nee Thompson)
First Name:   Jane Ann
Date of Birth:   1848
Place of Birth:   Norwich, Norfolk, England
Parents – Father:    Robert Thompson
Parents – Mother:   Louisa Jane
Name of Spouse:   Mr. Birch
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   13 May 1868 age 20y 4m
Place of Death:  Fort Beaufort, Cape  

Notes:  DN 4506/1868.  Children, minors:

Laura Jane Birch

William Henry Truly Birch


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