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Oct 22, 2011

Warren or Russel, Mary


Last Name:   Warren (nee Russel)
First Name:    Mary
Date of Birth:   chr. 12 Jun 1814
Place of Birth:   Welton, Northampton, England
Parents – Father:   Thomas Russel or Rushall
Parents – Mother:  Sarah
Name of Spouse:   John Joseph Warren
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    1 Jan 1890 age 75
Place of Death:   Worcester, Cape

Notes:   DN 174/1890.  IGI.  Children:

Cowley Warren,

Henrietta m. to Robert Barker

Hannah Maria m. to Jamse Oliver

Elizabeth m. to William Tyers

Emma m. to James Smith

Clara m. to John Galloway

Mary m. to William Gibbs

R, W
Aug 29, 2011

Watson or Rees, Mary


Last Name:    Watson (nee Rees)
First Name:    Mary
Date of Birth:   8 May 1805
Place of Birth: Penally, Pembroke, Wales
Parents – Father:    David Rees
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   widow of Watson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    21 Mar 1888
Place of Death:  Cape

Notes:   DN 841/1888.  Children:

Mary Ann

James Robert



Harry George Watson

R, W
Jun 29, 2011

Webb or Rice, Elizabeth


Last Name:    Webb (nee Rice)
First Name:   Elizabeth
Date of Birth:   17 Mar 1817 chr. 13 Apr 1817
Place of Birth:   Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England
Parents – Father:   James Rice
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:   widow of Mr. Webb who d. 1 Sep 1829
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  30 Apr 1892 age 75y
Place of Death:  Grahamstown, Cape

Notes:  DN 971/1892.  IGI. Children, majors:

Mary Ann


Dec 27, 2017

Webb, William White

Last Name:    Webb
First Name:    William White
Date of Birth:     1828
Place of Birth:    Norfolk, England
Parents – Father:    John Webb
Parents – Mother:  Jane White
Name of Spouse:   Martha Webb born Wagner, widow of Samuel Francis Robinson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     18 Dec 1882 age 54 years 11 months
Place of Death:   Rustenburg, Transvaal

Notes:  Transvaal DN  F#7805567 image 902-903.  Children of his wife by her former husband, Samuel Francis Robinson, all majors:

Frederick William Robinson

Rosa Ellen Robinson

George Alfred Robinson

Samuel Francis Robinson

R, W
Mar 25, 2011

Wells or Riggs, Harriet Caroline

Last Name:   Wells (nee Riggs)
First Name:    Harriet Caroline
Date of Birth:    11 Apr 1824 chr. 25 Dec 1827
Place of Birth:   Saint Mary St. Marylebone, London, England
Parents – Father:   Thomas Riggs
Parents – Mother:  Grace
Name of Spouse:   William Wells
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   2 Dec 1877 age 54
Place of Death:  Cape Town  

Notes:   DN 5359/1878.  IGI. Children:

Harriet, major

William, major

Robert Thomas, major

Richard Attwell, major

Isabella Jane, major

Charles Dixon, minor

Augustus Henry, minor

James Francis, minor

Jessie Thomson, minor

Leonard Stanhope, minor

R, W
Sep 7, 2010

West or Roberts, MaryAnn

Last Name:   West (nee Roberts)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:   chr. 5 Aug 1804
Place of Birth:  St. Martin in the Fields, London, England
Parents – Father:   Daniel Roberts (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:  Harriet Batson
Spouse:   Mr. West, deceased by 1848.
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   12 Sep 1848 age 45
Place of Death:  Grahamstown, Cape  

Notes:   DN 9734/1848.  IGI.  Children:

Harriet Margaret, major, m. George Birle

Matilda Ann, major, m. John Edkins, jr.

Lydia minor

Jane minor

Hannah, minor

Susannah, minor

Mary Ann, minor

R, W
Feb 10, 2012

Williams or Raynes, Edith Chapman


Last Name:   Williams (nee Raynes)
First Name:   Edith Chapman
Date of Birth:   1858
Place of Birth:   Swansea, Wales
Parents – Father:   Frederick John Raynes
Parents – Mother:   Margaret Richards
Name of Spouse:  
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    21 Aug 1894 age 35y 11m
Place of Death:  East London, Cape

Notes:   DN 1912/1894.  Children, all minors:

Reginald Hill Williams

Edgar Harold

Margaret Dorothy

Trevor Llewellyn

R, W
Mar 12, 2011

Wilshire or Rabbeth, Elizabeth Ann

Last Name:   Wilshire (nee Rabbeth)
First Name:   Elizabeth Ann
Date of Birth:   1786
Place of Birth:    Kent, England
Parents – Father:   Richard Rabbeth
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth Kirdy
Name of Spouse:   widow of Mr. Wilshire
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   30 Sep 1875 age 89y 6m
Place of Death:  Claremont, Cape  

Notes:  DN 2335/1875.  Children:

Revd. A. R. N. Wilshire

Revd. Henry Wilshire

Amelia Jane (deceaed, m. to Baker

Rev. Edward Wilshire, in England

Reverend Ebenezer J. Wilshire

R, W
May 15, 2011

Woods or Rothwell, Anne Bertha


Last Name:   Woods (nee Rothwell)
First Name:   Anne Bertha
Date of Birth:   chr. 09 dec 1855
Place of Birth:  Saint Paul, Warrington, Lancashire, England
Parents – Father:   James Rothwell
Parents – Mother:   Mary
Name of Spouse:   John Woods
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    23 Feb 1884 age 28
Place of Death:   Dutoitspan. 

Notes:   DN 8438/1884.  IGI.  One child:

male b. 11 Fewb 1884 d. 13 Feb 1884

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