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O, S
Oct 1, 2011

Searle or Owen, Elizabeth


Last Name:    Searle (nee Owen)
First Name:    Elizabeth
Date of Birth:   1813
Place of Birth:   England
Parents – Father:   William Owen
Parents – Mother:   Judith Ann
Name of Spouse:   widow of Arthur Searle
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     28 Aug 1888 age 75
Place of Death:  Cape Town

Notes:    DN 1782/1888.  Children:

Ellen Smales

Mary Elizabeth

Margaret Owen

Alice Harriet

Charlotte Lucy

Walter Henry


O, P, S
Aug 1, 2012

Smith, Payne or O’Connell, Emily


Last Name:    Smith or Payne (nee O’Connell)
First Name:    Emily
Date of Birth:    1852
Place of Birth:   Oudtshoorn, Cape
Parents – Father:    John O’Connell
Parents – Mother:   Anne
Name of Spouse:   1) John Lindsay Payne d. 20 years ago  2) John Edward Smith d. 1887
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    21 Oct 1899 age 47
Place of Death:  Beaconsfield.

Notes:   DN 583/1900.  Children:

1st marriage:

Martha Caroline Payne

John Lindsay Payne

Edith Payne

2nd marriage:

Margaret Emily Smith

O, S
Jul 2, 2011

Stevenson or Oliver, Mary Ann


Last Name:    Stevenson (nee Oliver)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:   1821
Place of Birth:   Radford, Nottingham, England
Parents – Father:    John Oliver
Parents – Mother:    Mary
Name of Spouse:   widow, not given
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    29 Jun 1892 age 71
Place of Death:  Albany Hospital, Grahamstown.

Notes:   DN 1447/1892.  No children.

O, S
Feb 20, 2011

Stewart or Osborne, Catherine

Last Name:   Stewart (nee Osborne)
First Name:   Catherine
Date of Birth:   1828
Place of Birth:  Tulagmore, Ireland
Parents – Father:   James Osborne
Parents – Mother:   Mary
Name of Spouse:   1) Joseph Crompton Smith 2) Donald James Stewart
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   20 May 1873 age 45
Place of Death:   Aliwal North.  

Notes:  DN 9373/1873.  One child by previous marriage to Joseph Crompton Smith, deceased:

James Crompton Smith


O, S
Apr 8, 2012

Sweeney or Oclee, Emily Jane


Last Name:    Sweeney (nee Oclee)
First Name:    Emily Jane
Date of Birth:    chr. 02 Mar 1823
Place of Birth:  Saint Laurence (Thanet), Kent, England
Parents – Father:    Peter Oclee
Parents – Mother:   Sarah
Name of Spouse:   1) John Sweeney d. 1863-4  2) John Newing
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    25 Jun 1898 age 75y 5m
Place of Death:  Kingwilliamstown, Cape

Notes:   DN 1965/1898.  IGI. Children:

Emliy Jane Sweeney m. to Rev. James Samuel Morris

Christopher John Sweeney

Flora Maria Sweeney

Henrietta Louisa Sweeney m. to Edward John Roberts

O, T
Aug 10, 2011

Thorndike or O’Brien, Caroline


Last Name:    Thorndike (nee O’Brien)
First Name:   Caroline
Date of Birth:    1832
Place of Birth:    Co. Wexford, Ireland
Parents – Father:    O’Brien
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   J. Thorndike
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    23 Feb 1881 age 48
Place of Death:  Cape Town.

Notes:   DN 1486/1881.  Children:

Caroline, major

William, major

Amelia, major

Mary Elizabeth, minor

John Eagar, minor

Albert Israel, minor

Sarah May, minor

O, T
Dec 2, 2010

Tierney or O’Connor, Honora

Last Name:    Tierney (nee O’Connor)
First Name:   Honora
Date of Birth:   1833
Place of Birth:   Ireland
Parents – Father:   Morris O”Connor
Parents – Mother:   Honora
Name of Spouse:   widow of John Tierney
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   19 Apr 1860 age 27
Place of Death:  Cape Town, Cape  

Notes:   DN 8019/1860.  One chld:

John Morris Tierney

O, W
Jul 25, 2012

Wahl or Owen, Christina Elizabeth Beatrice


Last Name:    Wahl (nee Owen)
First Name:    Christina Elizabeth Beatrice
Date of Birth:    1830
Place of Birth:   Uitenhage, Cape
Parents – Father:   Robert L. Owen
Parents – Mother:   Helena Ziervogel
Name of Spouse:   Johan Adam Wahl
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    14 Oct 1899 age 69y 9m
Place of Death:  Sea Point, Cape

Notes:   DN 2745/1899.  Children:

Helena Elizabeth Louisa m. to Thomas Jas. Alf. Merrington

Johan Leonard Coenraad Wahl, major

Hillegorda Carolina m. to Hercules Petrus du Preez

Robert Paul Loftus, major

Adele Gerardine Anna (dec) was m. to John Snowdon

Leopold Carel Ferdinand, major

O, W
Jan 31, 2011

Watts or Osborne, Lauretta

Last Name:   Watts (nee Osborne)
First Name:   Lauretta
Date of Birth:   chr. 23 Feb 1817
Place of Birth:   St. Nicholas, Rochester, Kent, England
Parents – Father:  Thomas Osborn
Parents – Mother:  Sarah
Name of Spouse:   George Chapman Watts
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   11 Apr 1869 age 51
Place of Death:   Port Elizabeth, Cape  

Notes:   DN 5261/1869.  IGI.  Children:

George Russel Watts, major

William Osborne Watts, minor

Walter, minor

Sarah, minor

Mar 30, 2018

Wood, Elizabeth Ann

Last Name:       Wood
First Name:      Elizabeth Ann
Date of Birth:     1855
Place of Birth:    Graaf-Reinet, Cape
Parents – Father:     John Albert Oliver
Parents – Mother:    Sarah Ann Bond
Name of Spouse:     Thomas Piggles Wood
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:      1 Sep 1901 age 45 years 10 months
Place of Death:    Kroonstad, OFS

Notes:  Orange Free State DN O-376 image 1107. Children:

By Thomas Piggles Wood:

Emily Louise Wood, major

Thomas George Rufus  Wood, minor

John Cuthbert Wood, minor

Lilian Hilda Wood, mnor

Winifred Ellen Wood, minor

Mabel Georgina Wood, minor

By John Holroyd Stephenson:

George Holroyd Stephenson, minor

Annie Elizabeth Stephenson, minor

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