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Jul 22, 2018

Fanner, Mary Jane Martha

Last Name:     Fanner, born Kennedy
First Name:    Mary Jane Martha
Date of Birth:     1871
Place of Birth:    Kimberley, Cape
Parents – Father:    Benjamin Mitchell Kennedy
Parents – Mother:   Jane Kennedy, now Geeringh
Name of Spouse:   Henry Walter Fanner
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:      3 Nov 1902 age 31 years 4 months
Place of Death:    Cape Town

Notes:  Cape DN 4391 image 332.  Children, minors:

Cyril Sparks Fanner

Kenneth Northcote Fanner

May Dorothea Fanner

F, M
Oct 17, 2011

Farley or Mitchley, Anne


Last Name:    Farley (nee Mitchley)
First Name:   Anne
Date of Birth:   1819
Place of Birth:   London, England
Parents – Father:    Mitchley
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:    widow of Farley
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   19 Oct 1889 age 70y 7m 2d
Place of Death:  Kimberley, Cape

Notes:   DN 2061/1889.  Children:

E. A. Holmes

G. D. Farley

E. Moult

S. E. Bottomley

M. J. Carver

Jan 31, 2010

Farley, Daniel

Last Name: Farley
First Name:  Daniel
Date of Birth:  1792
Place of Birth:  Devon, England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Spouse:  Elizabeth born 1791 marr. 2) 10 Dec 1827 James Regan
Marriage Date:  abt 1814
Marriage Place:  Devon
Date of Death:  Sep 1825
Place of Death:  Port Alfred

Notes:  Hyman’s party of 1820 settlers.  CO48/41 Daniel gives his residence as Cox’s Hill, Frome, Somerset.  Children:

William b. 17 Jan 1815 Devon marr. 9 Aug 1836 Grahamstown Elizabeth Moore, and d. 31 Jul 1906 Grahamstown
Sarah 1817; Joseph 1818
James 1820
Frances 11 Jul 1825 Grahamstown.

F, M
Mar 13, 2011

Farmer or Maynard, Mary Ann

Last Name:   Farmer (nee Maynard)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:   1809
Place of Birth:  London, England
Parents – Father:   Levi Maynard (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:  Sarah Mortimer
Name of Spouse:   Mr. Farmer
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   14 May 1876 age 67y 4m 21d
Place of Death:  Wynberg, Cape  

Notes:   DN 2814/1876.  Children:

William Mortimer Maynard Farmer

Dec 16, 2017

Farmer, Herbert Walter

Last Name:     Farmer
First Name:    Herbert Walter
Date of Birth:    1852
Place of Birth:    not given

Parents – Father:    Henry G. Farmer of Haven Farm, Yorkshire, England, dead

Parents – Mother:    Harriett, dead
Name of Spouse:   Harrett Laura born Churchill
Marriage Date:    6 May 1883
Marriage Place:   Isipingo, Natal
Date of Death:     11 May 1899 age 37
Place of Death:    Durban, Natal

Notes:   Natal DN F#4049959 image 631.  Children:

Robert Churchill b. 20 Apr 1886

Alice Laura b. 25 Jan 1888

Dec 26, 2017

Farmer, James

Last Name:      Farmer
First Name:    James
Date of Birth:     20 Oct 1842
Place of Birth:   Boulogne, France
Parents – Father:   George Farmer
Parents – Mother:    Emma Wilson
Name of Spouse:   Elizabeth Hamilton
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    4 Sep 1880
Place of Death:  Lydenburg, Transvaal

Notes:   Transvaal DN 1615 F#7805267 image 544.  Children:

Emma b. 17 Nov 1868

Robert b. 31 March 1870

George b. 26 Aug 1871

Guye b. 26 Aug 1871

Elizabeth  Huta b. 26 Nov 1873

James b. 22 Oct 1876

Thomas b. 13 Aug 1879

Jul 23, 2012

Farmer, William Mortimer Maynard


Last Name:   Farmer
First Name:   William Mortimer Maynard
Date of Birth:   abt 1835
Place of Birth:   Wynberg, Cape
Parents – Father:  
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:    Anna Maria DeLorenz Wolfe
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   30 Sep 1899 age abt 64
Place of Death:   London, England

Notes:   DN 2654/1899.  Children, majors:

Enid Mortimer

Elaine Maynard

Jun 19, 2011

Farndell, George Henry


Last Name:   Farndell
First Name:   George Henry
Date of Birth:   1849
Place of Birth:  Plymouth, Devon, England
Parents – Father:   Richard Farndell
Parents – Mother:   Mary Ann Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:   Alice Elizabeth Frere
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   3 Sep 1891 age 42y 35d
Place of Death:  Howison’s Poort

Notes:   DN 1535/1891.  Children:

Mary Emily 19

Minnie 17

George James 15

William 13

Thomas Richard 9

Henry 6

Edith 4

Jun 28, 2011

Farnham, James


Last Name:   Farnham
First Name:    James
Date of Birth:   1831
Place of Birth:   Carlow, Ireland
Parents – Father:  
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Mary Ann Stack
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   23 Fe3b 1892 age 60y 9m
Place of Death:  Cradock, Cape

Notes:   DN 549/1892.  Children:

Lucy Eleanor m. to Donald Chapman McKenzie

Frances Mary

Edward Arthur O’Neil

Gilbert John Everett, majors

Kathleen Agusta Mary b. 6 Sep 1873

Augustine Patrick b. 19 Jul 1874

Raymond Aiden Stack b. 1 May 1877

Feb 2, 2011

Farquhar or Foster, Harriet Sophia

Last Name:   Farquhar (nee Foster)
First Name:   Harriet Sophia
Date of Birth:   1816
Place of Birth:   Essex, England
Parents – Father:    John Foster (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:   Mary Kent
Name of Spouse:   Andrew Farquhar
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   2 Jul 1869 age 53y 7m
Place of Death:   Clan William, Cape  

Notes:   DN 5620/1869.  Children, all minors:

Alexander Jhn Foster Farquhar

Andrew George Farquhar

Harriet Mary Jane Farquhar

Eleanor CatharineElizabeth Farquhar


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