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Aug 1, 2012

Bentley or Elliott, Elizabeth Treazer


Last Name:    Bentley (nee Elliott)
First Name:    Elizabeth Treazer
Date of Birth:   1854
Place of Birth:   Bedford dist., Cape Colony
Parents – Father:    Mark Elliott
Parents – Mother:   Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:    Miles Bentley
Marriage Date:  
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    21 Nov 1899 age 45
Place of Death:  Kimberley.

Notes:   DN 570/1900.  Children:

Miles William Mark Bentley

Phoebe Priscilla

Arabella m. to Dolph Webber, majors

Charles Warren, minor

Edith Ada, minor

Treazer, minor

Louisa, minor

Jan 18, 2010

Bentley, Francis Parrott

Last Name:   Bentley
First Name:  Francis Parrott
Date of Birth:   chr. 8 Sep 1783
Place of Birth:  Halifax, Yorks., England
Parents – Father:  William Bentley
Parents – Mother:  Alice Rebecca Parrott
Spouse:  Harriet Kitchen
Marriage Date:   30 Jul 1809
Marriage Place:  Rothwell, Yorks., England
Date of Death:  4 Apr 1873
Place of Death:  Queenstown, Albany, South Africa

Notes:  Wainwright’s party of 1820 settlers.  Francis Parrott Bentley was a veterinary surgeon, and had the following children: 

William 1811, Yorks., England married 2 Sep 1833 Grahamstown to Maria Tarr
Susanna born 8 Sep 1813 Halifax, Yorks., married 20 Feb 1832 Grahamstown to Eli Wiggill and died 29 Aug 1869 Kaysville, Davis, Utah USA
John born 1816 Halifax died 1835
George born 1817 Halifax
Harriet Francies born 1823 Cape
Francis Parrott born 1 Jan1825 married 1 Jan 1856 Sarah Maria Buckley, died 16 Jul 1897
Thomas 1827 Cape
Joseph born 1831 Cape
Alice born 1833 married Joseph Wiggill.

Sep 10, 2010

Beresford, George

Last Name:   Beresford
First Name:   George
Date of Birth:   15 Sep 1826 chr. 13 Oct 1826
Place of Birth:  St. Alphage, Greenwich, Kent, England
Parents – Father:   Martin John Beresford (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:   Charlotte Clarissa Cooper
Spouse:   Maria Helena Kemp
Marriage Date:  
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  8 Aug 1849 age 22y 11m 23d
Place of Death:  Gomtos River, Cape  

Notes:   DN 371/1849.  IGI.  One child:

Frances Sarah Charlotte Jacoba Fredricka Beresford.

Sep 3, 2010

Beresford, Martin John

Last Name:   Beresford
First Name:   Martin John
Date of Birth:   b. 25 Feb 1789, chr. 25 Mar 1789
Place of Birth:   St. Martin Ludgate, London, England
Parents – Father:   Thomas Beresford
Parents – Mother:  Ann
Spouse:   wife’s name not given
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  18 Oct 1847 age 59
Place of Death:  Uitenhage, Cape  

Notes:   DN 9226/1847, 1281/1852.  Gentleman.  IGI.  Children:

Mary m. to John Niblett

Louisa m. to Joseph Graham

Martin John George Beresford

Thomas Kibble Beresford, 1824 Maidstone, England, d. 5 Dec 1851 Brugersdorp, unmarried.

Grayes Charles Beresford

Charlotte Beresford.

Sep 28, 2010

Bergen, Thomas

Last Name:   Bergen
First Name:   Thomas
Date of Birth:   abt 1790
Place of Birth:   Ireland
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Catherina Greicke
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   24 Apr 1854 age abt 60
Place of Death:   Cape 

Notes:   DN 2978/1854.  Children:

John Bergent, major

Saartje Bergen, major

Thomas Bergen, minor

B, M
Nov 26, 2010

Bergh or Martin, Emilia Martha

Last Name:   Bergh (nee Martin)
First Name:   Emilia Martha
Date of Birth:   1820
Place of Birth:  London, England
Parents – Father:   John Martin
Parents – Mother:   Maria Harker
Name of Spouse:   Jan Carel Bergh
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   31 Jan 1860 age 19y 10m
Place of Death:   George Town, Cape  

Notes:   DN 6680/1860.  Children:

Maria Elizabeth

Jan Carel Bergh

Jun 28, 2011

Bermingham, Thomas


Last Name:   Bermingham
First Name:   Thomas
Date of Birth:   1854
Place of Birth:   Ireland
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Mary Ann
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   10 Mar 1892 age 47
Place of Death:  Bultfontein.

Notes:   DN 753/1892.  Children, minors:



Feb 13, 2011

Bern, Alexander

Last Name:   Bern
First Name:   Alexander
Date of Birth:   1823
Place of Birth:   Brechin, Scotland
Parents – Father:    James Bern
Parents – Mother:   Janet
Name of Spouse:   Ann
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   27 Oct 1871 age 48y 2m
Place of Death:  Graaff Reinet, Cape  

Notes:   DN 7542/1871.  Children:

Maria b. 5 Dec 1851

Thomas Sydney b. 21 May 1855

James b. 17 Apr 1858

B, C
Nov 23, 2010

Berrington or Crouch, Sarah

Last Name:   Berrington (nee Crouch)
First Name:   Sarah
Date of Birth:   24 Jan 1825
Place of Birth:  Grahamstown, Cape
Parents – Father:   Richard Crouch (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   Thomas Tickna Berrington (q.v.)
Marriage Date:   1844
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   21 Nov 1851 age 27
Place of Death:  Salem, Cape  

Notes:   DN 6379/1859.  Children, all minors:




Sarah Jane

Jan 18, 2010

Berrington, Thomas

Last Name:  Berrington
First Name:  Thomas
Date of Birth:  1795
Place of Birth: England
Parents – Father:  Thomas Berrington
Parents – Mother:  Mary
Name of Spouse:   Diana Collin born 1791 to William Collin and Prudence; died 31 Jul 1864 Sidbury Park, Cape.�
Marriage Date:  16 Apr 1818
Marriage Place:  Newington, Surrey, England
Date of Death:  28 Jun 1860
Place of Death:  Sidbury, Cape, South Africa

Notes:  Mahoney’s party of 1820 settlers.  DN 8006.1/1860, 1352/1864, 53/1890,1998/1881, 1351/1864.  Children: 

Thomas 1819 married Sarah Crouch (q.v.), died 20 Dec 1890 Dordrecht, South Africa (he was a commandant in the 1846-7 war at Port Frances Station
William Collin Berrington born 1821 Fort Frances, Cape, married Ann Hobson, died 5 Nov 1881 Sidbury Park, Cape (q.v.)
Francis who married David Watson
Charlotte born Port Alfred, Cape, died 5 Jun 1863 Sidbury Park, Cape.


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