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Jun 18, 2011

Twentyman, McIntyre, or Arderne, Annie Sarah


Last Name:   Twentyman or McIntyre (nee Arderne)
First Name:   Annie Sarah
Date of Birth:   13 Aug 1836 chr. 11 Sep 1836
Place of Birth:  Saint Peter, Walworth, Surrey, England
Parents – Father:  Richard Crewe Arderne
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   1) Malcolm McIntyre, d. about 1860; 2) William Twentyman d. May 1871
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  4 Sep 1891 age 55
Place of Death:  Clyde Road, Sark, Channel Islands

Notes:   DN 1476/1891. IGI.  Children, all majors:

by Malcolm McIntyre:

Olive Henrietta m. to Henry D. K. Kay

Donald Arderne

Malcolm Searle

Marion Atkin Annie

by 2nd marriage to Twentyman:

Florence Ethel

Laura Louise m.t o Douglas Hamilton Hoskins

Ernest William Gain

Reginald Alfred

A, L, V
Mar 8, 2011

Verity, Amm or Leach, Annie Amelia

Last Name:   Verity, Amm (nee Leach)
First Name:   Annie Amelia
Date of Birth:   chr. 17 Oct 1819
Place of Birth:   Hardwicke, Gloucester, England
Parents – Father:   Benjamin Leach
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   1) John Verity 2) Philip Amm the elder
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   20 Mar 1875 age 57
Place of Death: Salem, Cape  

Notes:   DN 1561/1875.  IGI.  Children, by 1st husand, John Verity:

Adelaide Ann, m. to Richard Thomas Gush

Elizabeth Frances m. to Philip Amm the younger

Garnies Amelia m. to Richad Hallet Amm


A, W
Aug 9, 2011

Waites or Adamson, Elizabeth


Last Name:    Waites (nee Adamson)
First Name:    Elizabeth
Date of Birth:    1853
Place of Birth:   Fife, Scotland
Parents – Father:   
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   George Waites
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    16 Jan 1881 age 28
Place of Death:  Mossel Bay.

Notes:   DN 1324/1881.  One child, a minor:

George Chargles Waites, minor

A, W
Mar 16, 2011

Watson or Allison, Mary

Last Name:    Watson (nee Allison)
First Name:   Mary
Date of Birth:   1810
Place of Birth:   Mansfield, Notts., England
Parents – Father:   Francis Allison (q.v.)
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:   widow of Mr. Watson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   4 Jul 1876 age 66
Place of Death:  Wolrelfontein, Cape 

Notes:  DN 3063/1876.  Chldren:

Mary Ann



Georgina Julia

Samuel Thomas




Emma Frances

A, W
Aug 25, 2012

Welch or Andrews, Eliza


Last Name:                   Welch (nee Andrews)
First Name:                  Eliza
Date of Birth:               chr. 29 Dec 1833
Place of Birth:             Egham, Surrey, England
Parents – Father:       Richard Andrews
Parents – Mother:     Eleanor
Name of Spouse:       Thomas James Welch d. 30 Mar 1891
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:            18 Nov 1900 age 66y 11m
Place of Death:          Cape Town

Notes:  DN 4294/1900.  IGI.  Children, majors:

Thomas James Pringle Welch

Florence Louise

Lenora Minnie m. to Smith

A, W
Apr 27, 2011

Wilson or Alley, Mary Ann

Last Name:   Wilson (nee Alley)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:  chr. 02 Dec 1803
Place of Birth:   St Ann Blackfriars, London, London, England
Parents – Father:   Thomas Alley
Parents – Mother:  Susanna
Name of Spouse:  widow of Mr. Wilson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   8 Aug 1883 age 79y 9m
Place of Death:  Port Elizabeth, Cape  

Notes:   DN 7253/1883.  One child, a major:

William Wilson

A, S, W
Aug 11, 2012

Wilson or Atkinson, Adelaide


Last Name:      Wilson (nee Atkinson)
First Name:     Adelaide
Date of Birth:   1830
Place of Birth:   England
Parents – Father:   Robert Atkinson
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   1) Richard Story d. Mar 1856  2) David Wilson d. 2 Jul 1896
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   24 Jun 1900 age 70y 3d
Place of Death:  Grahamstown, Cape

Notes:   DN 2592/1900.  Children:

1st marriage:

Harry James Cassell Story

2nd marriage:

Charlotte Adelaide Maud m. to Albert Cornelius Olver

A, W
May 23, 2018

Wilson, William

Last Name:       Wilson
First Name:      William
Date of Birth:     1827
Place of Birth:    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Parents – Father:    Thomas Wilson
Parents – Mother:    Ann
Name of Spouse:    1) Janet Wilson, born Downie, died 17 Nov 1867  2) Martha Wilson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    18 Feb 1902 age 74 years 3 months
Place of Death:   Kimberley, Cape

Notes:  Cape DN 1014 image 875.  Children, all majors born from first marriage:

Annie Mackie, born Wilson

Alexander Wilson

John Wilson

A, Y
Jan 13, 2011

Yelling or Ashdown, Jane

Last Name:   Yelling (nee Ashdown)
First Name:   Jane
Date of Birth:    chr. 27 Mar 1812
Place of Birth:   St. Margaret Rochester, Kent, England
Parents – Father:   John Ashdown
Parents – Mother:   Ann
Name of Spouse:   widower of Mr. Yelling
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   24 Oct 1864 age 54
Place of Death:  Albany, Cape  

Notes:   DN 1418/1864.  IGI.  One child, a major

Sarah Nantlough

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