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Jan 14, 2011

Abbott, Thomas

Last Name:   Abbott
First Name:   Thomas
Date of Birth:   1824
Place of Birth:   England
Parents – Father:   James Abbott
Parents – Mother:   Mary Ann
Name of Spouse:   Mary Ann Hill
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:   England
Date of Death:   16 Jan 1865 age 40
Place of Death:  Hope Town, Cape (at brother John’s home)   

Notes:   DN 1601/1865.  Children, all minors:

Susan Mary

Mary Ann


Kate Isabella

James William

Jan 26, 2018

Abel, James Hercules

Last Name:    Abel
First Name:   James Hercules
Date of Birth:   1858
Place of Birth:  Forgue, Banffshire, Scotland
Parents – Father:   Rev. John Abel
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth Forsyth Abel, b. Scott
Name of Spouse:   Jessie Maria Abel, b. Staples
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    8 March 1896 age 38
Place of Death:   Doornfontein, Johannesburg

Notes:  Transvaal DN 10963  F#7805550 image 434.  Children:

William Alexander Morrison b. 6 Dec 1887

Constance Eileen b. 8 Mary 1889

Duncan Mearns b. 17 Sep 1891

Feb 8, 2011

Abercrombie, James

Last Name:   Abercrombie
First Name:    James
Date of Birth:    chr. 12 Nov 1798
Place of Birth:    Potterrow United Presbyterian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Parents – Father:    Alexander Abercrombie
Parents – Mother:   Elisabeth Cunningham
Name of Spouse:   1) Magdalena Elisabeth Pallas (b. 1802 d. 1862), dau. of Diederich and Aletta Margaretha Pallas.  2) Johanna Sibella Deneys

Marriage Date:   1) 26 Nov 1820 
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    21 Nov 1870 age 73
Place of Death:   Rondebosch, Cape  

Notes:   DN 6619/1870.  IGI.  Children:



Magdalena Elizabeth


Aug 1, 2010

Abercrombie, James

Last Name:                Abercrombie
First Name:               James
Date of Birth:            possibly chr. 08 Jan 1795
Place of Birth:           possibly at Saint Ninians, Stirling, Scotland
Parents – Father:     possibly James Abercrombie
Parents – Mother:   possibly Janet Gershom
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

 Notes:  Moodie’s party of 1817 settlers on the s.s. “Clyde.”  He was a surgeon, and possibly was the father of:

James Abercrombie b. 1833 Cape Town.


Jul 25, 2012

Abercrombie, Peter


Last Name:    Abercrombie
First Name:    Peter
Date of Birth:   abt 1760
Place of Birth:
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Catherina Cornelia Laubscher
Marriage Date:   06 Oct 1799
Marriage Place:  Chaplaincy to British Forces, Cape Town.
Date of Death:    prior to 31 Dec 1810
Place of Death:

Notes:   Historical Records, FamilySearch.  British Residents at the Cape 1785-1819.  He was a Major 8th Light Dragoons.  Widow living with H. O. Laubscher (her mother?) at Roodebloem, and on a pension. Children:

Eliza Frances Abercrombie chr. 06 Dec 1802, Chaplaincy to British Forces, Cape Town.

Sep 27, 2018

Abercromby, Alexander

Last Name:     Abercromby
First Name:     Alexander
Date of Birth:    1838
Place of Birth:   Cape Town
Parents – Father:    James Abercromby
Parents – Mother:   Magdalen Elizabeth Abercromby
Name of Spouse:   Esther Susanna Abercromby
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     30 May 1904 age 66 years 1 month
Place of Death:    in railway carriage near Slough, Bucks., England

Notes:  DN 1910 image 485.  Medical practitioner. Children, majors:

Helen Magdelen

Esther Susanna Constance

Aletta Elizabeth

Alexander Sherriff

James Alexander

May 5, 2013

Abernethy, George


Last Name:      Abernethy
First Name:     George
Date of Birth:   chr. 16 Oct 1815
Place of Birth:   St. Nicholas Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Parents – Father:     George Abernethy
Parents – Mother:   Isabel Johnston
Name of Spouse:     Emma Jane
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          4 Dec 1864 age 47
Place of Death:         Pinetown, Natal, South Africa

Notes:    Natal DN Film 1295097, 12A.  Children:

Isabella Abernethy b. 27 Mar 1858

Annie Eliza b. 5 Dec 1860

George John b 4 Feb 1863

Maria Jessie b. 23 Oct 1864

A, G
Feb 17, 2011

Ablett or Garrett, Harriett

Last Name:   Ablett (nee Garrett)
First Name:   Harriett
Date of Birth:  1800
Place of Birth:   Norfolk, England
Parents – Father:  Mr. Garrett
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   widow of Mr. Ablett
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   5 Mar 1872 age 72
Place of Death:  Port Elizabeth, Cape  

Notes:   DN 8519/1872.  Chldren, all majors:

Robert Garrett Ablett

Harriet Harvey born Ablett

James Ablett

Maria Pavor b. Ablett

Catherine Brittson b. Ablett.

Nov 18, 2017

Abraham, Andrew

Last Name:       Abraham
First Name:      Andrew
Date of Birth:   1818
Place of Birth:  Florida, Montgomery Co., New York, USA
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     12S ep 1878 age 60
Place of Death:   Mission House, Lower Tugela, Victoria Co.

Notes:  Natal DN F# 4049851 image 394.  Only surviving children:

Alvah James Abraham, 23 years

Charles Edward Abraham, 21 years

Apr 17, 2011

Abrahams or Marks, Adelaide

Last Name:   Abrahams (nee Marks)
First Name:    Adelaide
Date of Birth:     1848
Place of Birth:   Birmingham, Warwick, England
Parents – Father:    James Marks
Parents – Mother:   Sarah
Name of Spouse:    S. C. Abrahams
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     29 Dec 1881 age 33
Place of Death:  Oudtshoorn, Cape  

Notes:   DN 4433.1/2/1882.  Children, minors:

Josiah Abraham

Sarah Maude

Eve Louise



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