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Aug 29, 2011

Coutts or Swain, Anne Maria


Last Name:    Coutts (nee Swain)
First Name:   Anne
Date of Birth:   1845
Place of Birth:   England
Parents – Father:    Swain
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   1) Coutts  2) Joseph Thompson
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   5 Mar 1888 age 43
Place of Death:  Cape

Notes:   DN 771/1888.  Children:

Thomas Coutts, deceased

Sophia Coutts, deceased

John Alexander Coutts, major

Nov 23, 2010

Currey, Charles

Last Name:   Currey
First Name:   Charles
Date of Birth:   chr. 7 Jul 1824
Place of Birth:    St. Giles Camberwell, Surrey, England (born at Dulwich)
Parents – Father:  Robert Currey
Parents – Mother:  Charlotte Lipscomb
Name of Spouse:  not given
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   13 Sep 1859 age 35y 10m
Place of Death:  Knysna, Cape    

Notes:  DN 6390/1859.  Children, all minors:

Maria Charlotte

Charles Alfred

William Arthur

John George


Nov 23, 2017

Drake, Leonard

Last Name:     Drake
First Name:    Leonard
Date of Birth:   1840
Place of Birth:
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Louisa Bernard Drake (born Ling)
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:    17 June 1881 age 41
Place of Death:  Durban, natal

Notes:   Natal DN F#7866805 image 38.  One child, a minor:

Lucy Eliza Drake (William Ling, her grandfather, appointed as guardian)


Mar 7, 2018

Edwardes, Laurence Tucker

Last Name:     Edwardes
First Name:    Laurence Tucker
Date of Birth:     1806
Place of Birth:    London, England
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:    Matilda Jane CatharineWest
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     26 Feb 1888 age 82
Place of Death:   Driefontein, dist. Heilbron

Notes:  Orange Free State DN E210 image 50.  Children, all majors:

Charles Laurence Edwardes

Henry Edwardes

Sarah Catharine Edwardes

Elizabeth Mary Jane Edwardes

Emeline Matilda Edwardes

Aug 10, 2012

Fraser, Hugh


Last Name:              Fraser
First Name:             Hugh
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Parents – Father:
Parents – Mother:
Name of Spouse:   Elizabeth Maria Margaretha Boshoff (she was married previously to William Fraser, 5 children)
Marriage Date:       2 Dec 1821
Marriage Place:     George, Cape
Date of Death:
Place of Death:

Notes:   “British Residents at the Cape 1785-1819,” p. 133.  Discharged from 60th Regt. Foot (sergeant). 

Apr 14, 2012

Fraser, William McKenzie


Last Name:    Fraser
First Name:    William McKenzie
Date of Birth:    12 Aug 1835 chr. 30 Aug 1835
Place of Birth:   Barry, Angus, Scotland
Parents – Father:   Alexander Frazer
Parents – Mother:    Agnes Louson
Name of Spouse:    widower of Emily Todd
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:    
Date of Death:       5 Oct 1898 age 63
Place of Death:    Beaufort West, Cape

Notes:   DN 3082/1898.  IGI. Children:

William Fraser

Robert Todd Fraser

Alexander Russel Fraser

Sep 29, 2013

George, Adam (aka Alfred)

Last Name:     George
First Name:     Adam (aka Alfred)
Date of Birth:    chr. 6 Sep 1818
Place of Birth:   St. Michaels St. Albans, Hertford, England
Parents – Father:    William George
Parents – Mother:   Maria
Name of Spouse:   Emma
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     28 Nov 1865 age 47
Place of Death:   Umhlanga, Natal

Notes:    Natal DN Film 1295097, no. 11. Children:

William Adam 24

Emma Julia (twin) b. 18 Feb 1847

Maria Ann (twin) b. 18 Feb 1847

G, News, S
Jul 8, 2012

Gilchrist or Sillence, Beatrice Florence


Last Name:   Gilchrist (nee Sillence)
First Name:   Beatrice Florence
Date of Birth:   1863
Place of Birth:   Warren Farm, nr. Winchester, Hampshire, England
Parents – Father:   Thomas Sillence
Parents – Mother:   Emily
Name of Spouse:   William Gilchrist of Kimberley, Cape
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:   24 May 1899 age 36
Place of Death: Kenilworth.

Notes:   DN 1814/1899.  Children:

Agnes Beatrice 13

Florence Emily 8

William Thomas 6y 6m

Ellen Margrate 5

Mar 12, 2018

Gilchrist, Robert Muir

Last Name:       Gilchrist
First Name:      Robert Muir
Date of Birth:    1866
Place of Birth:    Ceylon
Parents – Father:    Robert Muir Gilchrist
Parents – Mother:   Catharine Macdonald
Name of Spouse:    Florence Elizabeth Scott
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:     17 June 1898 age 32
Place of Death:   Melrose, Ladybrand

Notes:  Orange Free State DN G441 image25 . Children:

Caroline Gilchrist

Catharine Gilchrist

Maude Gilchrist


A, G, News
Sep 15, 2012

Gould or Alcock, Harriet Alicia


Last Name:            Gould (nee Alcock)
First Name:           Harriet Alicia
Date of Birth:        1840
Place of Birth:      Albany
Parents – Father:   Frederik Augustua Alcock
Parents – Mother:   Harriet Harrison
Name of Spouse:    widow of T. T. Gould
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:          4 May 1874 age 34
Place of Death:        OFS

Notes:    OFS DN A55.


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